Home Cleaner 

A home cleaner is someone that focus on the bigger job. House keeper is not the same as a home cleaner, a homes cleaner focuses on:


~Washing bathrooms and mopping floors ​

~Sanitize kitchen counters and mopping floors​

~Vacuum and wash carpets, polish and wax floors 

~Clean rooms, halls, and corridors

~Replenish bathroom supplies and disinfect batherooms floors 

~Dust furniture and equipment 

~Clean windows 

~Polish wood surfaces such as bed heads and tables 

~Scrub surfaces 

~Wipe down appliances and restock house supplies 

~Sweep driveways 

~Put and refresh flower basket and vases

~Disinfect equipment 

This is just a small list of the jobs we provide. We also make the list that best works best for you.